The Precision Engraving Company are at the forefront of the Traffolyte labeling market, producing a wide range of labels for all types of industries.

As labeling is becoming a key driver from the HSE over the coming years, we have the capability to assist you - however big or small your job may be.

Labels can be manufactured to any size & shape and can include any type of information:  text, bar codes and drawings.

Traffolyte Tags can be used for Valve Identification, Key Fobs, Danger Boards and can be manufactured to any size or shape.

As part of your order we can supply 3.2 mm nickel plated and stainless steel ball chain, which can be supplied by the metre or in cut lengths, complete with a fitted connector.

The insulating properties of Traffolyte make it an ideal material for use in the manufacture of Mimics, Control Panels, Legends etc.

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